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Breakthrough Business Meetings: Shared Leadership in Action
SKU: 9780978993047

Based on the secrets of professional group facilitators, Breakthrough Business Meetings will enable you to:
• Motivate meeting participants to act as a team

• Enable them to make consensus decisions

• Energize them to work together to implement those decisions

The universal principles in Breakthrough Business Meetings:

• Apply to any meeting, whether large or small, informal (with no set agenda) or formal (with a tight structure and established time limits)
• Apply to both business and non-business meetings, such as those of civic organizations, social groups, associations, schools, and governments

• Apply to face-to-face and virtual meetings

You can benefit from Breakthrough Business Meetings, whether you are designing and facilitating your first meeting, or you are a seasoned manager who has led hundreds of meetings.

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Dissertation Research: An Integrative Approach
SKU: 9780978993030

Written by a university professor who teaches research methods and who has worked with dozens of students to help them achieve their goal of earning a doctorate, Dissertation Research contains practical information about what you must do at each step in the dissertation research process, and why, as well as specific examples of how to do it. 

If you are considering the pursuit of a doctorate, are a student just beginning your doctoral journey, or have reached the final phase of your doctoral program and are facing the daunting task of writing and gaining approval for your dissertation, Dissertation Research will both demystify and accelerate the process.

From Dissertation Research you will learn:
    • The steps in the dissertation research process

    • How to find a researchable dissertation topic
    • How to develop an integrated research plan
    • The structure and content of the proposal
    • How to write a high–quality proposal
    • How to conduct your dissertation research
    • The structure and content of the dissertation
    • How to write a high–quality dissertation
    • The steps in the dissertation review process
    • How to choose a dissertation committee
    • How to manage the dissertation process
    • How to publish your dissertation findings


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Leadership & Change in the 21st Century
SKU: 9780978993009

Leadership and Change in the 21st Century: A Synthesis of Modern Theory, Research, and Practice is really two books in one.

The first—The Science of Modern Leadership—uses modern theory and research to make the case for a new form of leadership with the potential to enable us to work together to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The second—The 21st Century Leader in Action—provides insights into how a leader might apply this modern form of leadership to effect positive social change in an increasingly interconnected world.

Written for the student, scholar, and thoughtful practitioner, Leadership and Change in the 21st Century contains theoretical and practical insights that every modern leader needs to know to tackle the important problems faced by individuals, groups, organizations, nations, and society as a whole in the 21st century.

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Practical Statistics
SKU: 9780978993016

Practical Statistics is for anyone who wants to learn basic statistics for work, school, research, or the sheer enjoyment of gaining new knowledge.

In contrast to other books on the subject which emphasize statistical theory and mathematical manipulation, Practical Statistics focuses on practical applications and decision making.

The goal is to provide an integrated, step–by–step treatment that leads progressively from the fundamental concepts of descriptive statistics to more advanced material on inferential methods, such as sampling theory and multiple regression analysis.

When necessary, the use of appropriate levels of theory and mathematics serves to highlight the broad applicability of statistical reasoning and analysis to real world problems. Some other features of the book include: (a) the use of a unique, decision model framework, (b) concrete examples of decision problems with detailed explanations of their solutions, and (c) optional pop quizzes with answers and explanations of the methods used and why.

If you are practical, decision-oriented person, then Practical Statistics is what you need to facilitate your introduction to the fascinating and powerful tools of statistical analysis.
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Student to Scholar: The Guide for Doctoral Students
SKU: 9780978993023

Student to Scholar: The Guide for Doctoral Students is a must if you are currently a doctoral student or expect to be one soon, and you want to get the most out of the time, money, and effort you invest in your doctoral program. 

From Student to Scholar you will learn: 

• What it means to be a scholar 
• How speed and quality are related 
• Four key ways to accelerate your program 
• Higher-order doctoral skills 
• How to write a major paper 
• How to annotate a journal article 
• How to write a high–quality dissertation 
• How to manage the dissertation process 
• Other ways to accelerate your progress 

Written by a doctoral professor, this book contains practical examples of high-quality doctoral work, including a complete section of a major paper written in correct APA style. Student to Scholar is the book you need to enable you to make the most of your doctoral journey. 

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