Student to Scholar: The Guide for Doctoral Students

Student to Scholar: The Guide for Doctoral Students
Published by MindFire Press
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Student to Scholar: The Guide for Doctoral Students is a must if you are currently a doctoral student or expect to be one soon, and you want to get the most out of the time, money, and effort you invest in your doctoral program. 

From Student to Scholar you will learn: 

• What it means to be a scholar 
• How speed and quality are related 
• Four key ways to accelerate your program 
• Higher-order doctoral skills 
• How to write a major paper 
• How to annotate a journal article 
• How to write a high–quality dissertation 
• How to manage the dissertation process 
• Other ways to accelerate your progress 

Written by a doctoral professor, this book contains practical examples of high-quality doctoral work, including a complete section of a major paper written in correct APA style. Student to Scholar is the book you need to enable you to make the most of your doctoral journey. 


Act like a scholar.

If you want to become a scholar, then you need to act like one. As a student undergoing a metamorphosis into a scholar, you need to learn to think, search, read, and write like a doctor....In fact, before your university confers a (degree) on you, you will have to demonstrate that you can apply these doctoral level skills in an acceptable manner....

You acquire and demonstrate these higher-order skills throughout and as a result of your doctoral program, but (as it was put to me by a wise former professor) your ultimate challenge, as encapsulated in the dissertation (which is the "final exam" of your doctoral program), is to demonstrate to your committee and, thereby, your peers in the academic community that you can "design, conduct, and report the findings of a research project."

The moral of the story is clear. The race and the prize (the doctorate) go to those who master these fundamental doctoral skills early on. Much of the rest of the book will focus on how to acquire these essential competencies, but for now suffice it to say that the early mastery of these tools of the doctoral trade is an essential mechanism for accelerating your doctoral journey.


Student to Scholar is a must read for for every doctoral student."

– Toby Gouker, Ph.D. Student

"When I found Student to Scholar, I looked at the price and thought "$40! The reality is that I gained more from reading this book than I did from spending an entire week at a doctoral residency at my previous university (which cost me over $2000!). Thanks Dr. L."

– Nicholas Kuzmich, Ph.D. Student

"Student to Scholar offers unprecedented access into the mind of a scholar. In doing so, doctoral students learn how to make the transition from a student of knowledge to an academic scholar. The book's content serves as a detailed roadmap preparing students for the adventure of a lifetime. Its intent is to enhance the doctoral experience by providing the most direct path to the successful completion of academia's highest level of learning. I highly recommend this book for any student of knowledge, and for current and prospective Ph.D. candidates."

– John M. Lanneau, Ph.D. Student

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