Practical Statistics

Practical Statistics
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Practical Statistics is for anyone who wants to learn basic statistics for work, school, research, or the sheer enjoyment of gaining new knowledge.

In contrast to other books on the subject which emphasize statistical theory and mathematical manipulation, Practical Statistics focuses on practical applications and decision making.

The goal is to provide an integrated, step–by–step treatment that leads progressively from the fundamental concepts of descriptive statistics to more advanced material on inferential methods, such as sampling theory and multiple regression analysis.

When necessary, the use of appropriate levels of theory and mathematics serves to highlight the broad applicability of statistical reasoning and analysis to real world problems. Some other features of the book include: (a) the use of a unique, decision model framework, (b) concrete examples of decision problems with detailed explanations of their solutions, and (c) optional pop quizzes with answers and explanations of the methods used and why.

If you are practical, decision-oriented person, then Practical Statistics is what you need to facilitate your introduction to the fascinating and powerful tools of statistical analysis.


Why study statistics?

Why would anyone in his or her right mind want to study statistics?

There are lots of reasons. Many, for whom statistics is required in a program of study, have no choice. Some, particularly managers and professionals, are interested in learning how to make better decisions. Others, like researchers, know it will enable them to make sense of their data and present their findings to colleagues in a common language. A minority, who love mathematics, just want to learn powerful statistical methods and add them to their mathematical tool kit.

What all students of statistics whose teachers properly introduce them to its study eventually discover and come to appreciate is its great utility. As the examples in this chapter will show, statistics is just plain useful to anyone trying to make sense out of the quantitative aspects of life.


"Dr. L,

I am a director for an environmental laboratory that does contract chemical analysis for industry, federal government, and municipalities. We have a strong culture that is focused on statistical data decision making.

However, we recently realized that a number of our newer technical staff did not necessarily understand the theoretical rationale behind their daily mathematical decisions, which are largely dictated by our standardized quality procedures.

I recently purchased your book, Practical Statistics, and shared it with my peers (all of whom are master degreed chemists and mathematicians).

My peers and I found the book to be delightfully readable, entertaining, and educational.

Consequently, I have incorporated your book in the "quality reading" requirement for my direct subordinates to supplement their quality theory knowledge base.

Thank you so much for contributing in such an original and effective manner to our field of empirical data generation in the environmental chemistry laboratory industry."

                                                           -- Dr. Paul T. Baumgardner, Ph.D.

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